Whether you are looking for a competitive refinance home loan, your very first home loan or a flexible investment home loan, our job is to make this process easy and seamless.

As with any financial strategy, the right loan structure depends on individual goals and circumstances. Hence, getting the right advice is crucial in saving you time and money. At Funding House, we specialize in working closely with you to develop the most appropriate strategy and structure by understanding your current financial situation and applying them to your future goals.

We will manage the whole process for you. We work alongside all parties involved in your transaction from our initial meet up to day of closing. Let us show you the difference.

Mahsa Moayedi


Team Leader - Mortgage Agent

With over 10 years in the mortgage field, Mahsa has helped many own their first home or buy their 10th. Before entering the industry, her background was in Corporate Sales and her negotiation experience aids her today in getting the best deals for all of her clients. Mahsa is passionate about life, practices spiritual living and loves exploring new destinations and cultures.

Rocco Romeo


Mortgage Agent

Rocco Romeo has helped many people fulfill their financial dreams and mortgage goals. With over 30 years in the financial advising industry, keeping the best long term financial goals in mind comes naturally when providing a mortgage solution. He is a dedicated and loving husband and father and an active member of his community.


We are here for you beyond the term of your mortgage. We stay in contact with you and ensure we’re always available. If you have any questions about your mortgage, big or small, we’re just a call or email away.
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